Meta Quest 3 Launch: Anticipation Grows with Exciting Unboxing Leak

Meta Quest 3
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Fortunate Individual Showcases Meta Quest 3 Launch Hardware in Exclusive Reveal.

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Key Highlights

    • The forthcoming Meta Quest 3 headset boasts a remarkable 40% reduction in thickness compared to the Quest 2, making it a standout feature of the new iteration.
    • Diverging from its predecessor, the Quest 3 incorporates ringless controllers akin to the Meta Quest Pro controller design.
    • Equipped with a gentle silicone face pad and a fabric strap, the Quest 3 also offers the option for users to consider third-party straps for enhanced comfort and stability. This collectively reinforces Meta’s stance as a frontrunner in wireless VR technology.

The Quest 3’s design represents an evolutionary step from the Quest 2, boasting a “40% slimmer optic profile.” The headset’s façade is embellished with three distinct “pills,” housing sensors and cameras. The lateral pills incorporate color cameras for mixed reality passthrough, while the central pill incorporates a depth sensor. The Quest 3 is set to feature a mixed reality system termed “Meta Reality.”

Powered by the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, a Qualcomm-manufactured system-on-chip, Meta highlights its doubled graphics (GPU) performance in contrast to the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 employed in the Quest 2 and similar standalone headsets.

The Quest 3 will arrive with upgraded Quest Touch controllers, reminiscent of the design seen in the Touch Pro controllers utilized by the Meta Quest Pro. These enhanced controllers offer improved haptic feedback and forgo the tracking ring. Compatibility will also extend to the Touch Pro controllers, ensuring backward compatibility.

Priced at $500, the Meta Quest 3 is scheduled for an official showcase in approximately a month. However, a fortunate leaker, VR Panda Alex From CHN, has seemingly obtained an early unit, sharing a comprehensive video unboxing. This sneak peek provides a glimpse of the forthcoming headset’s unveiling experience ahead of its launch.

The Quest 3’s most captivating feature is its noticeable reduction in thickness compared to the Quest 2. While the 40% reduction was initially disclosed in the hardware announcement, witnessing the disparity in action is truly captivating. The headset’s compactness becomes palpable when held, potentially emerging as a pivotal selling point for this latest iteration of the wireless VR headset.

Another prominent alteration to the headset is the absence of rings on the controllers, evident from the video footage. Although they retain a circular space for the face buttons, the large motion-sensing rings are conspicuously missing from the controller design. This represents a substantial departure from the familiar appearance and touch that we’ve become accustomed to in Meta Quest hardware, aligning more closely with the aesthetics of the recent Meta Quest Pro controllers.

The video also showcases a soft and plush silicone face pad, contributing to comfort. Additionally, a cloth strap at the headset’s rear is visible, indicating that individuals using it for extended periods might consider opting for a third-party strap to enhance comfort and stability.

Although the video doesn’t unveil substantial new information, observing the new headset in operation is certainly enjoyable. Naturally, you might ponder the distinctions between the Quest 2 and the Quest 3. While there are noteworthy improvements, the new headset doesn’t seem to revolutionize the existing concept. Nevertheless, the Quest 3 holds the potential to further solidify Meta’s leading role in the realm of wireless VR technology.

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  1. Is Meta releasing a Quest 3?
    Meta has now officially introduced the Quest 3, confirming its impending arrival in 2023. However, the exact release date remains undisclosed by the tech conglomerate, with only the announcement that it is slated for “this Fall”.
  2. How much will the Meta Quest 3 cost?
    $499.99, Meta’s co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has revealed that the Quest 3 will be their latest VR headset, promising further details to be unveiled in September.
  3. Will Quest 3 have better graphics?
    While boasting a slimmer profile, the Quest 3 doesn’t compromise on power. Equipped with a cutting-edge Qualcomm processor, the headset is set to deliver a substantial performance upgrade, with Meta asserting a twofold increase in graphics capabilities compared to the Quest 2.
  4. Can Quest 3 connect to PC?
    Continuing in the footsteps of its predecessors, the Quest 3 will retain the capability to connect to high-end gaming PCs, enabling users to enjoy a range of premier PC VR titles.
  5. How much RAM will the Quest 3 have?
    Nonetheless, it’s anticipated that the standard Quest 3 model will feature 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage – a configuration likely to be the popular choice among the majority of users.

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